Fifty Fold Industries
Fifty Fold Industries
Grown for Me. Shared with You.

The Highest Shelf


Grown for Me,

Shared with You. 

A note from the owner...

I am the sole owner & head grower and have been a cannasseur and passionate cultivator for the majority of my life. I craft each laboratory cultivated harvest to suit my personal preferences and enhance each strain's unique characteristics. I'm lucky to be able to share the results with you. 

I invite you to taste the difference.


a taste




I obsess over each plant, tailor my regimens to each strain and strive to bring out the best flavor profile for our taste buds.

We utilize a custom harvest and curing process. Trimming specialists hand trim each and every single flower to my Diamond Cut precision standards. The only time we touch the flowers are when they are weighed and carefully placed into their jar. 

Flowers are stored to maximize their cure and expertly jarred or processed into pre-rolls to ensure that what we share with you is truly The Highest Shelf.

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What is 50 fold? 

The world record for folding a piece of paper in half is 12 folds.

Let's say you were to continue folding that piece of paper in half and could make it to 50 folds. Then that paper, stretching atom upon atom, would reach the sun. 

At Fifty Fold Industries we are constantly working to fold the proverbial piece of paper one more time.

Founded in 2013 and brought to market in 2015, our team endeavors every day to raise the bar on how and what we do. We strive to be professionalism in cannabis, The Highest Shelf. 


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