Highest Score & Best Appearance in Leafly's Fall 2017 Lineup

Fifty Fold's Presidential Kush receives top honor in Leafly's Top THC-Dominant Strains of Washington State Fall 2017

From Leafly: 

"Presidential Kush by Fifty Fold is beauty in a bag, showing off a thick layer of frosty trichomes against its dark, cosmic purple coloration. The buds bloom with perfect conic uniformity, like a Christmas tree covered in luminescent white bulbs. Its aroma is full and nuanced, expressing sweet and sour notes of fruit and berry, but these delicate fragrances are lost with heat. Though its exceptional aroma and appearance tied its overall score up with our two frontrunners, Presidential Kush’s muted earthy flavor left some room for improvement.

From the Tasting Notebook:

“Very complex and enticing smell of funky dankness and sweet sugary notes that keep me coming back to this bud. This was easily one of my favorite flowers in the whole lot.” –Will

“Beautiful frosted buds with uniform shape, but the flavor left much to be desired after its wonderful aroma.” –Jeremiah"

Andrew Benton